Terms & Condition

The terms and conditions set out herein govern the agreement between you and us and are specified for dealing with you. Please read carefully and understand:

 1. Working Hours: We are committed to deliver your project on time. However, if there is an instructional phase or irregularity, there may be a delay in timing.

 2. Cost of work: The work will be done at a fixed cost for your project. If there are any additional costs, they will be informed to you in advance.

 3. Ownership of the property: The property will remain with us until the full payment for your project is made.

 4. Changes and Modifications: You can inform us for changes and modifications in your project. We can do this from our side also.

 5. Verification: The information and data shared with us will be verified. We can take action if you provide false information.

 6. Penalties: When your project is not completed on time or you violate the rules, then fines can be imposed.

 7. Copyright: All content copyright of your project will remain with us. No content may be used without permission.

 8. Cancellation: We can cancel your project for any reason, but you will be informed before that.

 9. Adherence to Terms: We follow all the terms and conditions while dealing with you. You are also expected to follow our rules.

 If you work with us, you must accept these terms and conditions. Please think carefully and understand before building a relationship with us.